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Posted May 11, 2023 by Andrea Garone

8 Things to Plan Before Starting a Bathroom Reno

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”
-Benjamin Frankli

An old space created new again will add new life to your home. Without a solid plan in place, however, home renovations can be daunting. There are just things you don’t know… until you know.

Being a smaller room, bathrooms are a great place to start renovating. You can really put the mark on your personal style without feeling like your home is being overpowered. Before a hammer is lifted, here are some of my personal tips on what you should be taking into consideration and planning for:

  1. Ventilation. I know this one isn’t fun, but this is THE first consideration you should have. Humidity can create major damage to your home. Mold & mildew? No. Thank. You. Installing an exhaust fan with a timer (updated versions are almost silent) will keep your bathroom dry without having to worry about remembering to turn it off. Win-win.
  1. If you’ve ever experienced streaks down your bathroom walls (which turn grimy as dust clings to them), look back to my first tip. Next, there are specialized bath and spa paints formulated for high humidity areas.  They allow you to have a modern matte finish while preventing water stains and providing mildew resistance.
  1. Another rule of thumb when dealing with bathroom humidity is to stay away from ceramic floors. While ceramic tiles are more economical than other types of tile, this is one instance where you get what you pay for. Ceramic tile is not slip resistant, and a lot of installers will refuse to use ceramic even if it is rated for bathroom floor usage.  It will also chip and crack easily if anything is dropped on it, requiring a whole new floor (I’m looking at you, blow dryer & curling iron!). See, I’m already saving you money and headaches!
  1. Before a new floor is installed, let’s talk about radiant heat. Those chilly fall, winter, and spring mornings are way more enjoyable when your bare feet aren’t freezing on tiled floors! This luxurious upgrade will be nominal in your reno budget, save you on your overall heating bill, and has energy usage similar to a lightbulb.
  1. Speaking of lighting, placing lights on the sides of the mirror, as opposed to above, will prevent shadows and better illuminate your face. The side placement will enhance your grooming and makeup application.
  1. While we are at your vanity, where are we plugging everything in? Exactly. Let’s plan where those outlets are going. If you have cordless items that need charging, outlets can be installed inside cabinets, drawers, and shelves. You also want to locate outlets to meet you where you will be working. For example, you wouldn’t want cords stretching across a sink. And if you have a large vanity, you will want multiple locations so you can always see in the mirror.
  1. We also need to plan enclosed storage for all the products inside our bathrooms. Towels can be stored in niches between studs, extra toilet paper can be hidden in pretty baskets, toiletries and makeup fit nicely in recessed medicine cabinets, and well-appointed vanities keep brushes, blow dryers, and flat irons off your countertops.
  1. The last point of consideration is inside your shower. Shower niches will organize your shampoo, conditioner, body- and facewash, keeping the shower floor free. Ideally, niches should accommodate your tallest bottles and be placed as far as possible from the shower head. I recommend 18” high as a rule of thumb and purchasing matching refillable shampoo/conditioner/body wash containers for a truly polished look.

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